Vico Santo Stefano, 9/11/13, 70044 Polignano a mare (BA), Italia
Tel: +39 0804249563
Cell: +39 3483617120






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    Santo Stefano

    It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home

    Located right at the heart of the old town in Polignano a Mare, Santo Stefano awaits you the in the narrow alley of the same name, a few steps away from the terrace overlooking the sea, where every day hundreds of eyes and cameras try to frame an unspeakable beauty.

    Overlooking a cosy and intimate yard, lighten up by the streetlight which inspired us to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, Santo Stefano is a typical tower house of the old town, where the local lime-stone, named tuff, welcomes guests in a timeless experience, offering a snapshot of authentic Apulian lifestyle.
    The stone staircase marks an ascending path, along which rooms with private access are located, and finally leads to the terrace, true hidden gem of this place, where the gaze of those who arrives here gets lost in the infinite.

    Each room has a unique story to tell.
    The choice of a piece of furniture or of a detail contains a fragment of our lives. A restored family piece of furniture, an object found on the stall of a flea market by Rosa and Monica, even Rosa’s paintings, perfectly express what hospitality means here at Santo Stefano.

    But the most exciting stories are those lived and cherished by who in these rooms has spent even a short part of their life. The richness of our rooms is born from the smiles that have welcomed, the loves born here and the emotions that every trip leaves in people’s heart.

    Each room combines the traditional Apulian charm with modern comfort, having independent access and private bathroom. Some rooms offer intimate and evocative settings for an unforgettable stay, while others offer larger spaces to accommodate the warmth of a family or a group of friends.

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