Vico Santo Stefano, 9/11/13, 70044 Polignano a mare (BA), Italia
Tel: +39 0804249563
Cell: +39 3483617120






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    A good beginning makes a good ending

    Happiness is a simple idea when facing the sea

    Everyone should start the day with a breakfast overlooking the sea.
    Because breakfast is the moment when dreams are still within reach and entrusting them to the sea makes them stronger.
    At Santo Stefano the breakfast has the scent of coffee, mixed with croissants and freshly baked bread, and the taste of Rosa’s home-made cakes, Apulian traditional products and seasonal fruits offered by our generous land.

    But what makes this moment of the day truly special is the breath taking beauty of Polignano coast and the crystalline colour of the sea, stunning background to the lively conversations of our guests or the silences that sometimes say more than a thousand words.

    Red sky at night, sailor’s delight

    A day can never reach the end without getting lost in the red of a sunset to which we entrust the dreams for the next day.
    Our terrace is always available for guests during the day to immerse themselves in a relaxing break, in the pages of a good book or in a glass of red Apulian wine.
    Happy hour at Santo Stefano is an hour of happiness in which to be enchanted by the stunning colours of a sunset greeting us.
    As of this year we wait for you on the terrace for a local aperitif to discover the tastes of Puglia.

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