Vico Santo Stefano, 9/11/13, 70044 Polignano a mare (BA), Italia
Tel: +39 0804249563
Cell: +39 3483617120






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    Who we are

    Home is where the heart is.

    And it is right here, among the narrow alleys in the old town in Polignano, a few steps away from terraces overlooking the sea, that our family’s hearts beat stronger.
    The love for Polignano is a subtle thread that keeps us together and makes us always find again, even when the roads of life take us in different directions.

    This is how Santo Stefano was born: out of Rosa’s love for this town where she spent her childhood summers with the family from Ceglie del Campo. With Augusto who believed in his vision to create one of the first bed and breakfasts in Polignano standing by her side in this adventure. And with Monica and Vito, who have grown year after year with this dream.

    Santo Stefano is the place where we feel home, that is why we like to think about it as a home and breakfast, rather than a simple bed and breakfast. We believe a house exists to give a place to people, emotions and stories.


    Santo Stefano is the proof that dreams become reality. A lightning strike: that is what happened the first time I arrived on the terrace. No doubts that place had been waiting for me forever, and in a tough moment of my life I decided I would have started all over from there.
    Here every object, every detail tells the story of something I achieved on my own and reminds me to always believe in myself. And now what gives me true joy is to be able to share this adventure with Monica, and to see Santo Stefano growing with our family.


    Polignano is the place where I chose to live, because here I feel I can be unapologetically myself. Santo Stefano is the place of my soul, where everything becomes possible. When I am on the terrace my sight reaches the infinite line and I feel I am the right person at the right time in the right place and all I can do is smiling and being thankful. Even life problems from up here seem smaller!

    Maria Lucrezia

    The first day in the job I found two things to welcome me: Monica’s smile and a sign on the wall saying, “in this house people come in as guests and leave as friends”. Here I have learnt that when we feel home, everything becomes an act of poetry and encounters become sweet memories to cherish.

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